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Chai Tea

Chai tea is a wonderful import from India, which has taken almost as many forms as their are teapots in the US. The word "Chai" means "Tea" in Hindi, and is generally served as masala chai (spiced tea), which is brewed with milk and sugar. In the U.S., we are accustomed to drinking chai tea that has been prepared by a barista who has taken a pre-made syrup and mixed it with milk or soy before steaming it with a wand. These are usually very sweet, but can also have unknown ingredients.

Our chai tea has been carefully crafted to reduce your effort. They are generally self drinking and can be steeped in hot milk or water, and are especially delicious when honey is added. We have crafted each blend with its complimentary leaf; either green tea, black tea or Rooibos. When you view each chai tea product, note that we are including video tips on how to make chai concentrates or iced chai tea. These tips can be used in a cafe or in your own home. If these tips look like too much work, simply put your tea in a teapot or Tea sac, steep 3-5 minuts in hot water and enjoy.  

  • Black chai tea - 3-5 minute steep.  Use water that is at full boil.
  • Green chai tea - 3 minute steep.  Use water at 180 degrees, slightly cooler than a full boil.
  • Rooibos chai tea - 5 minute steep (and can go longer).  Use water that is at a full boil.

The spices we generally use are cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, ginger, fennel and aniseed, or vanilla, and all in varying amounts based on the base tea in the blend. The art of the craft will reveal itself in your cup of our fine Chai Tea.