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Fruit Tea

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Fruit tea is an amazing expression of the nectar of the gods, allowing the resurrection of dried fruits with hot water to produce an amazing taste in your cup.  In general, fruit teas are best with a touch of sugar or honey, which aids in restoring the essence a freshly picked apple or pear.  The versatility of dried fruit allows us to make any dreamy concoction that comes to mind; harvest apple, apricot peach, cherry, coconut, cranberry, orange and spice.  These bring nostalgic thoughts when fruit tea is served hot or iced.

When we began making fruit teas, we started with apple and hibiscus; a common way to produce body, astringency and enormous red color.  The flavor came later by adding other fruits.  As time and wisdom inspired our creativity, we began adding other things; black and green tea (Very Cherry), rooibos and caramel (Harvest Apple), and loads of blueberries (Blueberry Muffin).  Our Watermelon fruit tea has no astringency and all the taste of a fresh picked watermelon.

In brewing, fruit tea is forgiving if you oversteep, and in some cases, like watermelon fruit tea, this improves the flavor.  And though great if served hot, it is a lot of fun to brew these fruit teas strong and then chill them suddenly in a martini shaker (vodka is optional).  Some bartenders have crafted martinis from our unique blends.