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Oolong Tea

From the garden to your cup, Oolong Tea is the most complex tea to process. There are many steps involved in the making of a good oolong tea, from choosing the right agricultural choices (geography, climate, tea varietal, etc...), the timing of the pick, to how to oxidize and prepare the leaf before it is roasted. Oolong tea is the same leaf (Camellia Sinensis) as a green or black tea, though it is only partially oxidized. In contrast, Green tea is not oxidized before it is roasted and black tea is fully oxidized. It takes an experienced artisan to make the best oolong tea and the craft is to be admired.

To help understand the process, I often compare the tea leaf to a banana, which comes in green, yellow, spotted, and black. It is always a banana no matter the color, but it clearly looks different depending on how ripe. And just like a banana, the tea leaf changes color and taste depending on the amount of oxidation.

  • Green tea - no oxidation
  • Oolong tea - partially oxidized
  • Black tea - fully oxidized

We carry a limited selection of oolong teas, from 1 to 5 items. Our Caramel Oolong tea is a very popular staple and we try to keep it fully stocked. Occasionally, we will find an oolong tea that is too good to pass up and will add it to the list.  The art of the craft should be noticed in the cup.  We hope you enjoy Teasy's fine Oolong Teas.

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