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White Tea

White tea is a relatively new import into the U.S., though it's becoming widely known for its health benefits and very light taste.  Made from the same leaf as black and green teas (Camelia Sinensis), white tea receives the least amount of processing. It is often withered in the sun briefly before it is processed to stop all oxidation.

The name does not come from the color of the leaf, rather from the white peach fuzz that grows on the leaf, which is generally plucked early before they mature. Normally grown in China, white tea has found its way to Taiwan and Thailand.  Our founder recalls driving through the Kirkoswald plantation in Sri Lanka when he noticed a very different set of tea bushes besides the typical bush used for black tea. He asked why the leaves were much larger, but with fewer leaves, and the manager of the garden told him these were a white tea varietal. The plants had a lesser yield, but could be sold on the specialty market direct to the customer, and apart from the oppressive auction system. Each leaf was worth 10-times the price of a black tea leaf.

White tea produces a yellow liquid and has a very light flavor.  Our white tea is blended with coconut and pineapple, making a refreshing iced tea. Occasionally, we will sell a single-estate white tea with no flavors, but this particular tea is very popular.

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